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Surface prep

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  • Surface prep

    I have a '55 C cab that I'd like to paint. It was a western state truck, so little cancer but a lot of surface rust with the little pits that go with it. What's the best way to surface prep that? I'm going through different catalogs and I see all kinds of rust encapsulators and other concoctions. I've painted three Studebakers and one Buick over the past thirty years, and something always comes bubbling up to huant me. But I want to try again.

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    You'll get a variety of responses and I don't know which is best; depending on the severity.
    If the pitting is really minimal, I strip with Aircraft Remover (it must work, there are no aircraft in the shop), sand with 80 grit, treat with DuPont 5717S and 5718S per instructions, then sand again with 180 before etching primer.
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      My recommendation is remove the rust. Don't encapsulate it. The above recommendations sound good, but I like epoxy primer instead of etching.
      (But I'm not a body man)


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        My recomendation is to dip the body, Dipping will remove any surface rust and will also blow through any weak metal that will come back to haunt you later. After that use premium primer/fillers and you wont have "suprises a year later.

        One word of caution should you dip the body, any crease where one piece of metal is welded to another will need special attention to get primer and color paint down between the metal parts. The acid dip will remove all paint and rust in these areas also. We thinned the paint and hand brushed the paint into "trap" areas. A little extra effort but no orange rust lines from moisture.

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          I use muriatic acid and a brass brush to remove every bit of rust from the pits. Have air pressure ready to blast it dry so it doesn't rerust. Fill the pits with a two part epoxy; that kind from home depot that turns yellow and stinks. Primer the panel right over the wet epoxy and wait a coupla days then block sand it off with some 80 grit and reprimer. If you sand blast it, you might blow thru some thin metal making more work than necessary. I've got a rust free cab about that vintage if anybody is interested.