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what are the pick-up tube for gas tank supply specs or requirements (Hawk)?

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  • Fuel System: what are the pick-up tube for gas tank supply specs or requirements (Hawk)?

    Had my gas tank cooked out and rust-proofed by ReNu (several years ago; my project is going slow..)
    Now that I'm getting order together for all my tubing and fittings, noticed weird fitting on the tank, and the pickup tube seems ok to me BUT several people commented on my previous post (w/ photos) on "has to have 45deg bend!" and should be close to bottom of tank as possible (to solder it, seems that is default "BOTTOM", but.....)

    Anyway, since ReNu offered to replace the weird 3/8" fitting w/ O-ring (I have a Golden Hawk, but using later tank so have 'in the tank' Supply fitting, and using Sender fitting as a return) with the correct 3/8" line (5/8-18 flared female) fitting, wanted to know if there are specific instructions to them on what the pickup tube should or shouldn't be. They just stuck a flared end of stainless in last time (but DID have it bent at end, and soldered to bottom of tank).

    Really anything more to request than that???

    Very strange; no-one at Re-Nu even recognized the fitting I sent a photo of, and had NO idea why one of their guys would have put that in there (and offered to take care of it and replace it free while I wait; good bunch of guys).