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'64 Avanti R2 power steering is much easier in one direction

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  • Steering: '64 Avanti R2 power steering is much easier in one direction

    I am working on a friend's '64 Avanti R2. He has complained that the car can be steered with one finger when turning to the right, yet requires significantly more effort to make a left turn. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Has any recent work been done to correct leaking hoses or control valve? Have you looked at the Ram end under the front pulley for rubbing, engine mounts for possible rubbing by the tie rods at the oil pan? Did it just start or has it been that way for a long time? From your description it sounds like the ram is getting pressure to one way and either not releasing it or not getting pressure the other way. How does the fluid look? black or clean? The ports could be clogged from the pump slowly wearing away the rollers. The pitman arm ball in the control valve may not be moving enough or something in the tube section with the centering springs is damaged, misaligned or not well lubricated, the end nut in the valve (under the end cap) may have backed off or if it has been apart, not reinstalled right.
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