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R2 Fuel Setup for '57 Supercharged Golden Hawk; does this plumbing sound correct?

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  • Fuel System: R2 Fuel Setup for '57 Supercharged Golden Hawk; does this plumbing sound correct?

    You may have seen my recent post about "swapped out" 3/8" fitting in my replaced (later version, w/ pickup on tank) gas tank for my '57 Golden Hawk.
    I had ReNu replace the 5/16" fitting on the different tank (my GHawk's was rusted out....) with a 3/8" fitting and pickup tube. Per that post the other day (had a rubber O-ring in the fitting, what????!) I called them, and THEY don't know what the heck their guys did, so offered to replace the 3/8" fitting (and probably pickup tube also). So, two questions:

    1) anyone have specs or drawing or detailed description of WHAT/WHERE that pickup tube should be, since they are going to replace anyway? Why is 45 degree bend important, how far back in tank should it go, etc... (my original tank, being a 57 GHawk, had the pickup fuel line in the sending unit so I have no old one to reference).

    2) I'm adding a RETURN line to avoid vapor lock, and an original (1-1558669) Fuel Filter /Sediment Bowl AND R2 fuel pump to mate with it. So, I have some photos of one R2 setup for Filter and Fuel Pump, but would like to confirm I have this "plumbing" correct before I start ordering my Federal-Hill "Cunifer" tubing and fittings. Having only the '56-58 Parts Catalogs and Shop Manual, I have NO documentation reference of correct line size or connections for this set up, only a photo and one person's way of doing it. Which is probably fine, but rather check details now while I'm 'designing', before ordering anything.

    This SEEMS from the info I can find to be the R2 setup, adapted to my Golden Hawk (unless others have found different line sizes have improved performance in some way) ???

    Supply Lines:

    1) Gas tank (my retro-fitted 3/8” tank pickup tube) to original R2 Fuel Pump Inlet: 3/8” line + new rubber hose at fuel-pump end (to Fuel Pump barb fitting)

    2) Fuel pump to original Stude Sediment Bowl/Filter: 5/16” line (need elbow at Pump, and 1/4”-to-5/16” elbow on Filter)

    3) Filter to original ‘57 Golden Hawk 2-barrel Carb: 5/16” line (need 1/4”-to-5/16” elbow on Filter )

    4) Super-Charger outlet to top of Fuel Pump; 1/4” line for air pressure balance; (need a 90deg elbow on top of Pump)

    Return Line:

    5) Sediment Bowl to Gas Tank: 1/4” line all the way back to Tank/Sending Unit. (need elbow at top of Sediment Bowl, and then a reducer to 5/16” for the rebuilt 56J sending unit on the Tank) . (remember, I'm adapting this to a 57 Golden Hawk, so the 56J sending unit with 5/16" fitting is serving as my Return port to the tank)

    IS THERE ANY RUBBER VIBRATION ISOLATION section somewhere along this 1/4” return line??? Seems there should be; the R2 photo I’m referencing shows all steel tubing to/from fuel pump and filter connections, except the incoming 3/8” supply is rubber....

    Oh, any issues with this Cunifer (different name for the Cupro I think?), alloy tubing and standard brass for the numerous brass elbows that EVERY port seems to require, or any other metals the original steel lines fitted into? (ditto for the Cunifer brake lines, and using Turner dual M/C kit).... Never done fuel or brake lines before. Just know dis-similar metals can be an issue for corrosion in some match-ups. I'm sure I'll have to visit Napa or CARQUEST for additional elbows/fittings and perhaps more tubing :-) once I do this all. I'm just getting the frame ready, so getting brake lines and fuel supply line "copied" while on the frame before I take them off and start restoring the frame; will be a long time before these engine lines will actually get CONNECTED.
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    Not sure about the "right" way, but the early R2 used a "T" out of the pump outlet, 5/16 to carb, inline filter in that line. Out the open port of the "t" a 1/8" NPT nipple with a built in .40 +/- restrictor inside and rubber 1/4 hose to the frame mounted return line. Moving the restrictor to the AC fuel filter used later, required a steel line down to the area of the fuel pump ending in a hose nipple end to connect a rubber hose to the frame return line. Lots of photos on the original set up around but never have seen one showing anything past the "top" plumbing at the filter of the second way. Either way a flexible link needs to exist between the engine and fuel and return lines on the frame. Really never saw any sense in the first method, it seems a point closer to the carb inlet would have made more sense if it was for exiting "boiling fuel vapors".
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      Thanks Fred, sounds like I've got it right then (and my photo reference was correct, I just couldn't see where he had the rubber hose lower down).
      So only change in my 'outline' is to get a set of barbed fittings for the 1/4 lines, for an isolation 'break' of a few inches of 1/4" rubber hose, and then run 1/4' Cunifer all the way back along frame to tank, paralleling my supply line.
      I do have the original (62, 63, 64,??? R2 setup...) Stude filter /glass bulb and noted that the top port, for this 1/4' return to tank, does have a very small hole to restrict flow. So all is making sense now. :-) The first "early" type you describe would be easier, but I agree, later version seems to be more USEFUL to me.


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        Be sure to use best quality fuel line you can find,other wise it will turn to mush over time. have had mixed results with "Marine Grade" hose so will try to find silicone lined fuel hose next chance. Luck Doofus