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  • Ignition: Ardunallard

    I own a 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk with a bad ignition switch which I cannot get out. I have the original factory repair manuals for 1956 updated for 1957 and have followed the removal procedure exactly. I even called a Studebaker restoration facility and they gave me the same instructions. The spring between the dash and the switch compresses pushing the bezel toward the drives approximately 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch and the bezel will rotate on the switch shaft approximately 30 degrees but will not compress on the shaft. It rotates left or right but will not compress on the shaft against the spring. Does any body out there in Studebaker land have any advice or suggestions for me?

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    Assuming you've got the battery disconnected, fit something (a stick of wood, etc) between the firewall and the back of the switch, to hold it against the spring compression. Try turning the bezel with a water pump pliar, holding the switch from turning with your other hand, then pull it toward you. You may have to push against it (slide it back on the switch) enough to clear the pins on the side of the switch.


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      If a PO put one of the replacement switches in at some time past, some of them require you to unscrew the switch. An almost impossible task while the dash is in the car. At least for me it was.


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        If it is an original style, try the wood block between the back of the switch and a bracket, shimming it towards the face of the dash as far as you can-plus, depressing the spring as tightly as possible. That should move the bezel away from the face of the dash far enough so that the small locating lug on the bezel will easily clear the dash face notch, then pressing the bezel only in slightly and then twisting it, it should swivel about 1/4 turn and stop, then you can pull it off withdrawing it from the switch--it's a real PITA. Putting it back on is even worse!!!


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          It is helpful to others with similar issues to be able find your Strings with the Search Engine if you use a descriptive Title in the future and or revise this Title from the "Go Advanced" Mode.

          Being a quite New member, you may not know that you can revise titles, also Posts.
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            By your name.. Do you own an Ardun powered Allard.


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              I just hold the bezel in place with fingertips, then reach behind the dash, press and rotate the switch assembly a few degrees, with the other hand. Same for re-installation. Its easier to rotate the large switch than the small bezel. Plus, if you accidentally force the bezel to turn before clearing the dash properly, you risk destroying the dash index marker, which keeps the key in correct position.
              Of course, disconnect the battery first.

              Phew, I need to go to sleep, but just returned from Japan two days ago. There is a 13 hour time difference, so my internal clock is still on Japan time. I know, TMI, that has noting to do with the OP.
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