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  • Brakes: Wheel Cylinder 1961 Lark

    I found the following listed as interchange front wheel cylinders for my 1961 V8 Lark (BRK006 535585). Has anybody used any of these with success?

    DORMAN W19236
    GM 5463015
    WAGNER WC19236

    For the rear I found these

    DORMAN W19238
    WAGNER WC40963
    BENDIX 33555
    GM 5463010
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    I have used the Wagner w/c in past with good look but don't remember P/N.have also used Dorman products with success Luck Doofus


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      No need to search for replacements when the real things (Wagner) are available at Studebaker Vendors at:

      I would be VERY suspicious of anything that includes a GM Part number, because there were No GM cars with those Wheel Cylinders, only Checkers.
      Just stick with 535585 and 535586 1 1/16" and 7/8" with the proper mounting screw holes etc.
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        The Dorman numbers check out as correct, the wagner numbers should be the same as the dorman, except with a wc so your list is partially correct, By the way the 19238 also fits checkers, the 19236 is for Stude only at 1 1/16 19238 is 7/8. But since both are a little hard to find, our vendors stock them-might be the smart and easy way to go way to go.


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          Thanks all. I appreciate the feedback. Might look at a hotrodandbrakes disc conversion. Parts are expensive and my entire braking system is in rough shape. The car sat for over ten years and everything is toast from the M/C to the shoes and drums. Could salvage some of it with some turning, rebuild kits, etc, but it all adds up and the disc conversion is very attractive.
          "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten." -B Franklin


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            Not wishing to persuade you one way or the other, be sure you compare total cost, not just the kit. You will still need many additional parts to complete a conversion, like a master cylinder and brake hoses, plus depending on how far you want to go complete rear brakes or rear disc conversion kit, plus custom hand brake cables-etc., etc. I really don't think the numbers work verses just rebuilding everything. Been there, done that-but you do wind up with better brakes-after a lot of work and money. Just my 2 cents, best of luck whichever you choose.


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              Five numbers I always remember:
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