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  • Body / Glass: Window Removal Help

    I am finally dismantling my1965 Daytona 2-dr Sports Sedan. I am currently having trouble getting the rear quarter glass out. Wondering if someone can help before I accidentally break it.
    I have the '59-'64 full shop manual and I have the '65 supplement to it.
    The section on this is not included in the supplement so I am assuming that it is similar to older models.
    I have found pictures and references to one that looks quite similar to mine but the window shape is different. It is in the C body section. Mine is a VF8. Regulator and tracks appear quite similar and I have been trying to do similar as they are saying but my window does not seem to want to come up far enough to expose the window lift channel and regulator arm. Scared to force it. Is it just being stubborn after 50 years!
    I am referring to info in: '59-64 Shop Manual
    Group V - Body Section
    Rear Quarter Glass Removal - 2 dr sedans
    Page 39 / Fig 81
    Appreciate and help and advice I can get.

    Thank, Ron

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    Maybe you need to look at the section on "J" bodies ??


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      "J" body's have a forward pivot and rotate up, sedans move straight up and down,,,sort of. isnt there a plate that allows access to reg? look for stop on reg link to prevent window going down to far they can hold you up. Luck Doofus


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        Coffee working, remove metal frame, raise window and tilt inward, continue to raise till lift pins show in track on glass bottom. kinda tricky, don't scrape headliner with glass. don't lose pieces into body cavity. luck Doofus


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          Thanks for the suggestion "jackb".
          The "J" bodie are quite a bit different being a hardtop but the procedure they used mentioned something that did help my situation. They mentioned holding the window up in the fully up position with a screwdriver while you work on the regulator. I could not use a screwdriver but was able to make something to hold the window glass up and take the weight off of the regulator. This allowed me to manipulate things in such a way that I was finally able to force the regulator out of the hole and free it from the window support rail.
          After I got it out I could see that someone else had been into it at one time and things were bent and clearances were much smaller than they should have been. When I took out the other side the regulator came out of the hole easily and I was successful not to break either one!
          Thanks for the help.


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            Thanks for the help. I managed to get it out. After I had a look at the other side it was obvious this side had bend damaged a bit. Secret for me was making something to hold the glass in the full upright position while I could work on the regulator position and arm positions without fighting the glass weight. Mine did not have any of the pins to remove. Just get it in the right position and it would come out the enlarged opening on one end.

            Thanks for the help. I will be keeping your number because it sounds from reading one of your posts re inner front fenders that you have gone through alot of what I will be dealing with. I just removed my front inner and outer fenders yesterday and I will have to be replacing all because of tremendous rust I am dealing with.
            Thanks again, Ron