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  • Engine: accelerator linkage spring

    while changing valve cover gaskit, I lost the accelerator spring. any one know what part no. that is and were can I buy one? thanks in advance. leonard.

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    Whether your use your old spring, or replace it, I would want to know where the old one is? Losing any part, while the valve cover was off, would make me wonder if it is hiding under the valve cover...waiting for the awful moment to ambush your rocker assembly.

    Search closely under your intake. Perhaps it has landed on your valley cover.
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      To find the part number we would have to know the type, year, and model of the vehicle.
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        If you want a, "correct" spring check ask our vendors. I use whatever is handy, and the weakest spring that will do the job, which is to close the butterflies. Many carbs have a return spring on the shaft, that only needs a little help, and the extra spring also serves as a back up. Some folks use super strong springs that slam the butterflies shut like a mouse trap. That makes for a hard to push, very uncomfortable gas pedal
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          I think I found the part no. in my chassis parts catalog.part no. 0312-28-2 64 cruiser 289 v/8 2 barrel carb.i'm sure it fell straight downby the power brake booster I did run a magnet under the intake and all around the valley cover. again thanks for the info. leonard


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            You found the Generic (All Carb. Return Springs LOOK the same) PICTURE NUMBER, useless until you you look up the Year and Model Number of that Pic. # to get the actual Part Number. to Order.
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