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What power steering fluid do you use for your 55 stude?

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  • Steering: What power steering fluid do you use for your 55 stude?

    Cottman transmission got my power steering going with a hose that was missing, and never occured to me ,to ask what they use for fluid , and I was wondering , ?, I have never had the cover off the pump,,, any thoughts , or should I turn to the manual I have ,to see what they suggest>>??? It doesn't leak , Mike

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    They were designed to use ATF Type "F" or Dexron III will work.

    On these older systems it is usually not a good idea to use "Power Steering Fluid" that they were not designed for, for one reason there are too many differing types depending on the Modern 2000+ Make and Model, and who knows what their makeup is designed to do for what.
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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      ATF of today bears little resemblance with that of the 1950s-60s.

      I have been using STP brand PS fluid in all Studes, both Bendix and Saginaw systems, since the mid 1990s. It makes the power steering do everything better, and has never harmed anything in the system.

      Stay away from ANY PS fluid or tranny fluid with a stop leak additive.


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        I had to drain out the Dextron III ATF from the '57 saginaw PS setup (same as your '55 except for pump) in my '53 due to foaming and resultant whining and sluggish steering whenever I pulled up to a stop after coming off the highway. I put type FA ATF in there and it was much quieter.

        Jeff in ND


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          always used Merc-Dex and never had a problem