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1955 Commander C3 Sill Plates

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  • Interior: 1955 Commander C3 Sill Plates

    I've got a set of aluminum repro sill plates for my 1955 C3. I bought these about 20 years ago and never installed them. I had the rockers replaced and the body shop lost the originals. The carpet has bound edges and lays on top the sill plate edge.I really would like to put the carpet under the sill plates. When I get in or out of the car the carpet slips and pulls away from the edge. These sill plates have a raised ridge inboard of the flat part which the carpet edge rests against. Has anyone had any luck cutting the edge down and crimping the carpet underneath. I saw a 1961 Hawk and it had a narrow sill plate screwed down over the carpet. I don't know if anyone carries the Hawk sills. I guess they would fit a 1955 Commander

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    Per the 1955 Shop Manual, and Service Bulletin #297, Champion and Commander carpets do go under the sill plate. President carpets were thicker and so laid on top of the sill plates and were held in place by the sill plate screws.


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      Thanks Dwain, I'll give it a try.


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        Try carpet tape just under the edge of the carpet ? Some of that stuff is tough !
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          You may have to cut off the nice Hems to get a good flush fit under the Sill Plates.
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            Well, since Dwain said the Commander carpets were under the sill, I don't think cutting off the binding will hurt anything. I think the carpet would look better tucked under the sill plate.