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Headlights will turn off Intermittently

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    Thank You for the update. Please, keep them coming.
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      Originally posted by 63studebaker View Post
      UPDATE: Where this isnt too much of an update. helps keep this thread active. I HAVE NOT replaced the C/B yet. i see lots of mixed views. ill more then likely throw in the STD 20 amp and see where that puts me.Cranked the car up yesterday to let it run for the week and just to see what the headlights would do and heres what i kinda noted:

      First Headlights with go out Intermittently with the engine On OR OFF ( makes no differance)
      2. When headlight are on and the dash lights are on they both will go off at the same time togethor.
      3. Wiper motor has started working but only when the key is ON???
      4. Nothing out of the heater blower however i have noticed a small ground wire that is running back off the battery.
      5 When you turn on the headlight i have tail lights ( when the headlights go out so do these) HOWEVER still no brake light when mashed to the floor.

      Kinda tossing the idea that the blinker switch is causing the issue as i played with it and couldnt get it to act up. should have a C/B in hands today.
      Thanks for all the comments!!
      I'm still thinking you have a direct to ground short somewhere in your lighting circuit that is "overloading" the circuit breaker. One way to isolate the problem, is to disconnect each wiring circuit from its terminal at the light switch. (or all but the main power wire) and then, with the switch on, touch each wire to its terminal connection, one at the time, until you find the one that trips the breaker. That will, at least, isolate which circuit is the problem.

      Then, you will be able to look for the short in that particular circuit. I'll bet you will find a bare spot in a wire where it might go through a hole where a grommet has failed to protect the wire. Other possibilities are failed insulation where the butt of a terminal has been bent into contacting ground, or other crossed bare wires.

      If, your breaker trips with no wires attached to the switch, it would mean that the switch itself is shorting to ground. Although, I've never encountered this, I suppose it could happen.
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        Kyle, please note that it is perfectly NORMAL for all cars to have the Turn Signals, Radio, Heater, Wipers, Back Up Lights (if equipped), all wired through the Ignition Switch so that they ONLY work in ACC (Left) Position or "Run", (Right) position.

        The Lights, Horn, Dome Light, Glove Compartment Light and Brake Lights (also Four Way Flasher if equipped) are always HOT, (available at any time.)

        The Tail Lights, License Light and Instrument lights, Light with BOTH Parking and Head Lights.
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          Alright guy, So heres the results.... I went and picked up a new C/B 20 amp headlights seem to be a issue of the past now.Still dont have tail lights when the pedal is depressed but im hoping its just something simple as a switch! I have not started the engine and let it run with the headlight on yet however i did turn them on and watched them until they started to go dim so i turned them off and hooked a battery charger too it and closed the door for the night. but the reason for not alllowing the engine to run is. I have a old Stromberg WW Carb it appears to leak from every gasket that holds it together. Looking for a build kit for that and we will be in business. Ill have to find a way to get some pictures up of this old car guys, amazing same and i picked it up for $250 bucks runs drives with clean clear title. Awesome deal! I want to thank every one that responded all your help was greatly Appreciated!!!!


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            When I mentioned restoring the electrical I failed to mention contacts in the switches.
            Even N O S [N O S means old] switches need to be looked into. The contacts can corrode without the switch being used.
            At a minimum a spritze with a good electrical contact cleaner. If possible spray a strip of card stock with contact cleaner and pull that repeatedly between the contacts.
            Its just rough enough to remove heavy corrosion.
            South Lompoc Studebaker


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              Lots of us like to use halogen headlight bulbs. They pull more current than incandescent bulbs, and they could easily pop a 20 amp breaker.