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62 GT Hawk 289 engine with leaking oil under engine and transmission

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    There is a reason one of the names for Studebakers was "Indiana road oiler."
    Don Wilson, Centralia, WA

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      oil leaks

      I have been on vacation and just got back in USA. I am overwhelmed by the responses from members articulating valuable info to my queries.
      Thank You all for your contributions to my knowledge.

      I am back in the hunt and have zero'd in on two Models to buy
      Choice 1 Golden Hawk in hopes I can buy one for $50-70k
      "" "" !A Silver Hawk Plan B to buy in $20-35K

      Every day Driver 1984 and up Avanti with creature comforts


      Viva La Studie


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        Joe, sent you a PM


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          My 63 R2 doesn't leak.


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            Hey Joe.... My 62 Hawk (with 289 R-1) and automatic leaked as well. Mixture of transmission oil and regular oil. Got a bit tired of seeing the pools of oil on the floor (actually my wife was upset with the mess) so I crawled under one day and found I had a bad motor mount. Everything kind of "kinked" in the middle where the engine and transmission meet because the motor mount was kaka. Anyway, got a new one and straightened up the drive train and cut the leak in half. As someone pointed out, the engine pan is soft metal and sometime during it's life somebody over-tightened the oil drain plug in my Hawk so that dips a bit. Not to worry. With a car 50+ years old it should have some distinctive leaks. It has probably earned them. Dick


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              One big leak I have not seen anyone mention, is the fuel pump. Many of the Studebaker engines are still using mechanical fuel pumps. Often, these are cheaply built replacement pumps. The design of these engine's oil system, allows returning oil to flood over the timing gear, crank gear, and fuel pumps actuator arm on the way back to the oil pan.

              Many of these aftermarket fuel pumps have the actuator pivot pin exposed, unsealed, near where the fuel pump body is bolted to the engine. If you are running one of those fuel pumps, no matter if it is bolted to a Studebaker, Chevy, Oldsmobile, or Pontiac...will leak at that stupid exposed pivot pin.

              Also, factor in that all leaks are not directly above where the oil drops from. Leaks from the front of an engine can be blasted to the rear by air movement from the fan.
              John Clary
              Greer, SC

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