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PANEL SEALANT (seam sealant) replacement in engine bay - 1950 2r5 pickup

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  • Body / Glass: PANEL SEALANT (seam sealant) replacement in engine bay - 1950 2r5 pickup

    the panel sealant (seam sealant) in the engine bay of my truck is dry and loose and falling out in chunks (could be worse i guess)

    i don't mind paying for the 2k type products and a new caulking gun to go with it, I just would like to hear from those who have experience in the various products and are happy with the results after perhaps as much as a few years has gone by without problems

    and if you're a 1k fan, please chime in too


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    Welcome RCKE to the forum. I have always used brush on seam sealer from the automotive paint store, except once when they were out. used gun type in caulking tube and went over with brush to level. all 3m products.anything to seal out moisture and prevent the dreaded Iron Moths from taking hold. Luck Doofus


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      Like any other product, over time many improvements have been made. I noticed over time that even the 3M sealant would shrink and develop tiny cracks. I went to the 3M clear sealant and think its even better. I have observed the two-part sealants now being used and, if you apply it in a small bead then go over it with a brush it appears factory applied. Probably the best, given technology.
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        pic of the dumb dumb

        this is what i would hope to replicate if possible.

        if that cannot be done, i guess a neat bead would be fine.

        so....3M products seem to be the favorite ??

        Click image for larger version

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          That looks very much like fender welt to seal between fender and body on 50's cars. find a sample and try it. seam sealer is not the right tool for this job. Doofus


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            It's more like black windlace, with a flat extension that is squeezed in between the inner fender and the cowl/dash. I think the part number is 1690x2, but I don't know of a source for it.
            Skip Lackie


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              Would this work??


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                Originally posted by karterfred88 View Post
                It doesn't look like it's fat enough. The original stuff has a 1/2" foam core, wrapped with a black material, sorta like the wire loom that was used to protect exposed car wiring, like under fenders. Restoration Specialties and Supply sells something like it, but it looks like it is intended for interior use only.
                Skip Lackie


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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	possible.jpg
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ID:	1707139Found this at restoration Specialties but no graphic. Truck Innerseal sounds right.


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                    Good. I have a piece of original stuff that is more or less intact, and that looks very close.
                    Skip Lackie


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                      Skip - here is a better look at mine - you're thinking that innerseal is the right stuff?

                      Click image for larger version

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ID:	1707147Click image for larger version

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                        Yes, I think it's a close as you're gonna get. The covering on the OEM foam core has a slight pattern -- ie, it is not completely smooth. Can't tell if the Restoration Specialties innerseal has a smooth rubber covering or not. Still, it's worth a try for a few feet of the stuff.
                        Skip Lackie


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                          Skip - even with help from both you and Karterfred88 - I am coming up empty. The websites/companies cannot match up the product numbers or the terminology from the old catalogs (2003) that are being referenced.

                          Would you be able to do me a favor and take a photo of the material that you have in hand so that I can email the various companies and attach your photo to inquire about current availablilty of something that comes close ?

                          Thanks much


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                            click on the picture and the enlargement
                            I have no idea if this is even close but by description above it may be close.


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                              Here's a source for colored fender welting...

                              HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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