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  • Shocks: coil overs

    Does any one know of a coil over shock that will work on a 51 Champ?

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    It's not that difficult.
    Measure the extended length, measure the collapsed length, there you have the shock. The spring is a little more experimental. First if you look in the spring charts (per brand), you'll find a recommended spring for your weight of car. Though it "may" be a little soft or a little stiff for...your personal liking. You may have to buy a pair or two to find the ride you like.
    All of the shocks are adjustable height wise, some have compression adjustment, some have both extension and rebound adjustments. Just depends on how much you want to spend.



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      ? Will the shock mounting points take the load from the coilover?


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        I guess you want this on the rear? I took two old main leaf springs and cut them slightly shorter and added one on each side just under the main leaf on my 52. That raised the car about 1 1/2" and stiffened it just about perfect. The hardest part was drilling new center holes because I used Lark springs.
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          That ride looks better all the time!!! Doofus