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56 gh turn signal switch

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  • Electrical: 56 gh turn signal switch

    Does anyone have a turn signal switch for a 56 Golden Hawk with automatic transmission.Mine will not work.I need something that will
    work for the turn signals.I had a left stop light but it would not feed the right one,so we jumped it temporarily.But have no turn signals.
    Thank You,Don Borger 724-651-9320
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    Well that's not good (expletive deleted), the 533519 has been found in NOS or Reproduced that fits everything from 1953 to 1960 EXCEPT 1956 Golden Hawk with Automatic Trans.

    That is going to be a tough one!
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      Could you not adapt a late model switch to fit? Doofus


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        My Sky Hawk's signals work, but don't stay on, so I have to hold them. Also, my restore had to put a horn button on the dash because he said the assembly and design of the hub was screwed up. Such are the trials and delights of owning a 60 year-old car.
        peter lee


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          My old dealer parts books have a note in them to use 1549450 in place of 533519.

          I have one of those on ebay now,

          I also had several 533519 switches and they sold quickly

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            I think I have one that will work, if you post a pic of the one you have it would make it easier. I'm only asking $35 plus shipping for the one I have. Pics available.



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              I have taken apart and repaired a couple of switches that came off of a 56 Golden Hawk. Just gotta be patient.
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                why do you think it might work,do you know what it came out of.It appears that only 56j auto only will work.I would be very interested if it will work.The switch is still in the car and I do not know how to post pictures.If you are pretty sure I would want it.Thank You,Don
                call me or send me your phone # and I will call you.


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                  Sorry, didn't notice that u were looking for that specific part number - 1539781

                  The one I have is a 533519. I can post a pic here on this site but if you don't know what yours looks like it wouldn't help.
                  I could let it go for $25 if you want to experiment???