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  • StudeRich
    Under the Part Number listing for the Moulding for a '56H-K (5?) Whatever trim level the book shows in the Front for a Sky Hawk, you will find the Fasteners listed, if it says 4 Clips and 2 Nuts you know the ends have Studs and nuts. You could also look on the inside of the Door for Nuts on the ends.

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  • 345 DeSoto
    started a topic Body / Glass: Molding Clips

    Molding Clips

    I'm getting ready to remove the chrome trim on my Sky Hawk, to prep for paint. I know the front fender spears are held on with spring clips, and pry off. However, what about the rest of the chrome strips? I've gone through my Body Parts Catalog, but I can't find any info about how they're mounted...especially the top strip across the top edge of the quarter. And I found nothing on how the "Check Mark" is mounted. I DON'T want to start prying, find out their bolted on, and destroy something.