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  • Engine: Valve Spring "Clips"

    I'm removing my Stock 289 valve springs and replacing them with NOS R1/R2 springs. There are what appears to be bronze washers under the springs/clips which say "THIS SIDE UP". I assume they are some sort of cushion for the valve springs. However, I have no clue what the "Clips" are for. Anyone know what they're for? The springs have wear spots on the side from them...which to MY way of thinking isn't a good thing. Whatever they are, are they necessary?

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    They are dampers to keep the tall skinny springs from dancing around. Someone at one time thought that they needed more spring pressure and put those bronze washers under there.


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      As Alan says, The "clips" are to dampen the spring harmonics. The springs really do move around a lot while you are driving down the road. Other makers use other various methods to dampen the unwanted movement.

      The "washers" are actually spring "shims". Again, as Alan states, these were most likely installed during the last valve grind assembly. If the shop noticed a low spring pressure, various thickness shims are used to bring the pressure back up.
      Other "shops" will install the shims just because they ground the valves and have no clue what the actual pressure is...they are just hedging their bet that the springs are now low in pressure..!