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Mirrors / Trunk/ Steering Wheel on 1957 GH

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  • Body / Glass: Mirrors / Trunk/ Steering Wheel on 1957 GH

    Were there upgrades in the side mirrors on the 1957 Golden Hawk? Inside the trunk of the 1957 GH , were the sides painted without cover.? Each steering wheel that I have referred to seems to be a single color in the 1957 GH . Were the steering wheels two color or assigned color like appears in Google Stock Photos?

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    There were no side view mirrors on any Studebaker except on '55 Speedsters, AS STANDARD EQUIPMENT.

    It appears that in '57 only the AC-2728 was available, it is the only one that shows as correct for a '57 C or K Model in the S.I. Catalog anyway.

    They were Optional Studebaker factory supplied, Dealer Installed or on Factory delivered Cars and or Ordered Cars, ordered with a Side View Mirror on the P.O.

    There was no Trunk lining in a '57 Golden Hawk, usually but not always just a Greige; Gray/Brown dull paint, some could be Body Color.

    All the steering wheels I have seen were White with the lower Half Black, to match the Steering Column, (Note that it mates with the "Bell" under the wheel which is Column color), which matches the always Black Dash on '57's.

    That does not mean that some Black Interior Cars were not built with solid Black Wheels "special ordered".
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