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Seat Belt Installation Template Needed for C/K

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  • Body / Glass: Seat Belt Installation Template Needed for C/K

    We have a customer about to install lap belts in a very original 1955 President Hardtop. I thought I had a service letter in my file giving measurements for hole drillings, etc but cannot find anything pre-1962. The SDC Template File only has the same. We are using the the type of belts supplied by S.I. (not the Sparton Karbelts) so maybe the instructions from a 1959-61 Hawk could be applied. Any help or thought would be appreciated.


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    Since there is no Specification, Diagram, Pattern, Template etc. for Aftermarket Seat Belts for a Car that was not built with them, your best judgement will work just fine.

    All Instructions say the obvious, never mount the brackets UNDER the Seat, just behind them is correct.

    Of course in a C or K with the "Foot Wells" you have to mount the Inboard one IN the Well, and you do not want them in the way of the Rear Seat passenger's feet any more than necessary.

    I cut a 4 Inch square hole in the Torque Box for access to the floor to wrench the Outboard Bolt Tight, a larger plate would help to reinforce the floor, and the Very Large Flat Washer must be used.

    Of course I made a Cover Plate for the hole I made and sealed it.
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      One thing I would recommend: when the seat is pushed all the way back, the belts should be as close to vertical (from the seat to the floor) as possible.
      Skip Lackie


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        Thanks Skip, I think we have arrived at a plan. Shouldn't be too difficult.



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          Click image for larger version

Name:	Seat Belt anchors in place.jpg
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Name:	Seat Belt anchors from rear.jpg
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ID:	1705565I had same panroblem with my '57 GH; wanted seat belts, but NOT the original optional "attached to the front door" (ie: I want them for safety, not originality!)

          I got an installation guide for the later (59 or 60 maybe?) Hawks, and was fortunate to obtain NOS Studebaker belts with the HUGE (3" or more square?) back plates, curved for the inner transmission tunnel. I flattened the curve for the areas that ARE flat, but much more area than a big washer.
          One modification I had to make was the location of the front belt anchors; I measured, marked, then put my seat in to 'trial fit' and found when the seat was all the way back the anchors would hit, so had to just "put them where they made sense", and as said above, try to locate as much as you can out of the rear passenger's way; but WILL be in their footwell. My photo showing back of the rear seat (just installed loose to confirm location) show the anchors just sitting, NOT installed; I did the same thing for the OUTBOARD front seat anchors, cut a slot from underneath, installed the anchors, WELDED THE NUT ON (better be sure it is where you want it! Thus trial fit the seat!). I'm 6'6", so needed to be sure I didn't run into those anchors with the seat ALL the way back (where it will ALWAYS be :-).
          I plan to now weld that slit closed on each side and grind the weld down. The covers mentioned above are a good (better?) idea but I figured as long as I got the anchors in the right spot, welded the nut so they never come loose, all is good. Note the INBOARD front seat anchors are INSIDE the tranny tunnel, so you have access to them forever. THOSE two are why the anchor plates are curved.....
          As I recall the rear anchors are pretty much spot on with the instructions for installing belts in a later (than 57) Hawk. Measure carefully and they seemed to look just right (I trial fit the rear bottom cushion as well). You can just barely see them all installed in the photo without the seats.
          Good luck!


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            I think I would have made a large steel plate with a nut welded on , drilled the hole for the belts and mounted it under the floor with a couple plug welds holding it in place. Then used a torques head bolt like the newer cars use to bolt in the seat belts with a plastic cover off some brand X. That way nothing would be in the way of your feet to speak of and still have good strength for belt to floor.