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  • Steering: lower outer pin

    Can a guy use a small porta power with a duck bill end to spread the lower control arm to install the lower pin in place of using any special tools? I need to start on putting my control arms and spindles back together this next week.

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    Would it be too easy to over-spread and distort the A-arms with the porta-power?

    Do the duck bills apply parallel force, or do they spread in a V shape?
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      J-2044 special tool is only $35 from Chuck Collins in Arizona. If this breaks the bank, I believe you can rent one from him??


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        Duck bill spreads in a v shape. The tool wont break the bank but just thought why not use what I have. I may even have some other tools that will work if I look hard enough.


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          A coil spring compressor would work with the clamps reversed !!!
          as would the hydraulic Duck Bill with care
          It`s not as if your trying to open it an inch !!!


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            Even the tool made for it opens it in a V Shape. You're only moving it a few thousandths. Use what you have as long as it doesn't come loose at the most inappropriate time........and it's not in your way while you're trying to do the work.
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