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Champion 6 front crank seal

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  • Engine: Champion 6 front crank seal

    We are in the process of replacing the timing gear on dads Champion flat 6. For the front crank seal the shop manual simply says "insert a new felt washer in the timing gear cover". I assume you have to use a screw driver to "dig" the old felt washer out of the pocket it sits in and then stuff the new on in there. Is this correct or are my assumptions all wrong?

    I have read about the sleeve and neoprene seal upgrade that can be installed on V8 engines. Is there a better mouse trap for the flat six front seal?

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    What year?


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      Wayne, check with Ingvar Vik (he is one of the Co-Operator advisors in Turning Wheels). He does a really well engineered seal/hub conversion for V8s, and I believe he told me he does the 6 cylinder covers also.
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        Don't let the felt seal scare you. Mine was easy to change and does not leak a drop. Make sure the "pocket" is completely cleaned out then start packing the new one in there. At first it seems like it can't possibly fit but it will. Once it is in the groove use some kind of round tool and start packing it tightly into the pocket. I used a largish socket with an extension for a handle. It is similar to installing the old "rope" type oil seals. Just pack it in there until the pulley just barely fits. I soaked mine with oil but I am not sure if that is necessary. Then put it together. It does not really see tons of oil anyway, just splashes. I have pictures of all of this on my web site but that appears to be broken right now . Here is the link in case I figure out the problem: