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Avanti Window Regulator Manual VS Power

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  • Body / Glass: Avanti Window Regulator Manual VS Power

    Is the widow regulator used on Avanti 1963 -1975 the same ? can you interchange ?? can you go from power to manual ?
    Joseph Kastellec

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    As far as I know it can be done. By the way, unless you already have the manual window regulators in hand already, plan on a long and unproductive search for some. I remember a number of threads looking for them from those tired of fixing the power ones. Not a lot of them available anymore.


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      NuRelics, makes an Avanti power regulator, that is NOT listed in their catalog. They are not like the stock regulators. I have installed a couple of sets for customers. Not a simple bolt in job, as some inner door fiberglass needs to be trimmed. Also they have no helper springs, so they are still s-l-o-w.
      I have used later 80's Avanti regulators, and used better springs, and have been happy with the results.
      The advantage over earlier regulators, is a simple two wire motor, that is available anywhere for less than 60 bucks., plus they have more torque. I also modify the regulators to use a second helper spring added to where they are located on manual regulators, as well as the one located near the main gear pivot, on the electric ones.
      Also, The doors usually need to be reinforced, or repaired where the center sissor pivot is located, as the door is often broken there due to stress from the regulator.
      Bez Auto Alchemy

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