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Intake/Exaust Gasket goo?

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  • Engine: Intake/Exaust Gasket goo?

    I'm assembling a 170 and will be attaching intake/exhaust manifolds ,I have a new gasket ,and thread locker liquid ,I got a set of off the shelf studs in case one breaks
    is anything supposed to go on the gasket surfaces ,like the copper spray that goes on a head gasket ,before assembly? Should these bolts be tighten to a specific torque like on the head? Or just tighten them down
    im replacing the head too ,
    two of the head bolt holes in the head have been repaired and look like they have helicoils in the blocks threads ,there's one of them that's a larger size head bolt ,do I tighten these to the same torque as the other " good" bolts? The manual says 45-60 lbs for the champ
    Ill have to relieve the hole in the head that has the oversize head bolt corresponding to it

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    I never used gasket cement on Champion intake/exhaust gaskets. The shop manual torque specs are best. I just tighten mine by feel, but don't overdo it.
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      I would use a thread insert that allows you to use the correct head stud.

      I wouldn't drill a head to fit a wrong part.


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        You have an iffy situation on the block,s thread insert. i have used a Helicoil inside another Helicoil but dont remember how much torque it withstood. you might want to consult the people who make the thread inserts, i wouldnt drill the head, too risky. Luck Doofus


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          Well I put on the head. ,everyone took the torque of 45 lbs ( low end recommended ) except for two bolts the outer thermostat housing one and the one o. The edge next to it ,I was sorry they were so near each other .they took some thread torque but I didn't push it .i guess it's either work or not ,we'll see if I get a steam engine powered champ at crank up time ,I guess they made electric cars first ,they had horse powered ...


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            I'd helicoil those holes- some torque is better than no torque. Obviously the thread are gone on those two-why waste your time-might warp then you'll have a hunk of iron.