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What order do pulleys go on for 57 Golden Hawk w/ Power Steering?

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  • Engine: What order do pulleys go on for 57 Golden Hawk w/ Power Steering?

    my 57 Golden Hawk had been "poorly" rebuilt years before it sat and years before I purchased it. Supercharger was in the trunk (typical?), but therefore my photos of taking it APART from some years ago do me no good as I have discovered they had spacers incorrectly installed (out of sequence), so why should I depend on how it WAS for the Supercharger pulley assembly??

    Problem is, '56 shop manual shows the whole sequence, BUT, no supercharger then. And '57 Supplement for supercharger ONLY shows the supercharger pulley, and MENTIONS a spacer.

    The '56 manual shows the 'thick" spacer in '56 as being between the two 'normal' pulleys (I have power steering); (it wasn't when I took it apart, they had the thin and thick spacers reversed, so I can't depend on my photographs).

    So I figured the Supercharger pulley would simply get added on the very end of the prior 1956 shop manual's 'exploded view' setup (shown below). HOWEVER, the parts catalog lists this "thick spacer" (correct part number) two ways; one for the normal non-supercharged setup (but notes 'except for supercharged), and then a few lines down, next to the line for the SUPERCHARGER PULLEY, it lists this thick pulley's part number again.

    SO, two options:
    1) as catalog SEEMS to imply, remove the thick spacer from between the two small pulleys, and stick it AFTER the last one and BEFORE the supercharger pulley;
    2) assemble the whole series as the '56 manual shows (large spacer between the two small pulleys, which seems 'right') and just bolt the Supercharger pulley onto the end of the lot; ignoring the parts catalog note

    or I guess
    3) I'm missing another spacer that should go between the last small pulley and the big cast supercharger pulley.

    My best guess now is #2, and is what I show below:
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    You'll be 'Right On The Money' if you go with #2!


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      Thanks!!! (why won't this let me post because the post is too short? There, now it is long enough :-)