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what is correct sequence of pulleys for supercharger (Golden Hawk)

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  • Engine: what is correct sequence of pulleys for supercharger (Golden Hawk)

    my 57 Golden Hawk had been rebuilt, and I'm discovering on reassembly (comparing to photos when I DISassembled it, or the shop manual) it was assembled incorrectly.

    One of those is the pulley sequence. They had the 'big spacer' right after the IGN-UDC plate, vs the thinner spacer that I can tell is supposed to be there.

    However, the only clear exploded view is in the 1956 manual, before the supercharger (shown below). And the '57 Supplement ONLY shows the BIG supercharger pulley (in the Supercharger section of the manual).

    Confusion: In the PARTS Catalog, there are two different lists of use for the SAME bigger, thicker spacer. In 1956, it obviously went between the two normal pulleys.
    However, in the Parts catalog, this thick spacer is noted as I said, between the two normal pulleys; but noted "not supercharged"; whereas next to the part number for the monsterous supercharger pulley that is on the very end of the stack, it has this same "thick spacer" noted.

    So, I'm confused, if I assemble per my attached photo (thick spacer between the two small pulleys), it seems to fit perfectly, but goes contrary to the Parts catalog.
    If I remove the thick pulley and put it between the small pulley and the Supercharger pulley ( as the 57 supplement seems to indicate; notes "pulley and spacer" even though only SHOWS the pulley); then there is nothing between the two small pulleys.
    (and nowhere does it indicate an EXTRA spacer should be used. (I have Power Steering but not power brakes, by the way, so "just' the two small normal pulleys)

    Can someone give me the correct stack sequence?
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