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Is my engine shot?

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    There have been rumors of bad bearings, both rod and mains, being sold when vendors first started buying products from overseas (China was specifically mentioned). I had a 289 that had been carefully rebuilt by the previous owner and it started developing low oil presure not long after the rebuild. It was run for roughly 5000 miles and when I pulled it the bearings were toast, worn down (many grooves) to the copper backing in many places. The crankshaft journals were also damaged. I put in another engine and the nicely painted rebuilt engine is still sitting on an engine stand in the garage, awaiting another rebuild by a future owner. It is the original engine that came in the car according to the build sheet, so it will stay with the car.
    Dan Peterson
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    1960 Lark V-8 Convertible
    1960 Lark V-8 Convertible (parts car)


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      Originally posted by wdills View Post
      The car has an electric pump. The flooding occurred several months ago and the oil was changed immediately when the gas was discovered in the oil. I should be clear that we could smell gas on the dip stick but there was no increase in oil level so it was not like we had a lot of gas in there.

      If the gas did damage the bearings or if something else has damaged the bearings and they are failing shouldn't I be able to see some shiny stuff in the oil when I drain it tomorrow?
      Too much gas.

      If the car has still has the mechanical fuel pump, it should be removed and the hole plugged as the diaphragm could be leaking gas into the crankcase. As an aside, I recently had what started out as lurching while going down the road at highway speeds in my '62 GT Hawk. I took the carburetor apart, rebuilt everything, put it all back together. It still had too much gas as the car would not even run. Had a hunch that it might be the electric fuel pump. We took the top of the carburetor off started up the electric pump and discovered that the float was not able to shut off the gas flow, causing gas to run over the top. Checked the pressure on the fuel pump and discovered it was 9 pounds. Replaced it with a 2 1/2-4 lb pump. After burning off all the extra gas, problem solved. Now we need to change the oil. Hope this helps.