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  • Transmission / Overdrive: Speedometer pinion gear

    Do anybody have or know of a source for a speedometer pinion gear. My car was just missing it when I got it. It is a ’51 Commander with A/T and 3.54 rear end. According to the parts book it would be a Studebaker part number 527669 with 23 teeth. It was apparently used from 1951 through 1958. So far I have not been able to locate one. As a last resort I would be willing to use the one for 4.09 rear end, 26 teeth and par no 531202. I could live with a 13% speedometer error. Better than no speedometer.

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    I walked the floor at the South Bend swap meet today looking for speedometer pinion gears because I knew someone else wanted a 531202 geat with 26 teeth. Only Tom Karkiewicz had any pinion gears and a 531202 was not one of them. If I remember tomorrow, I'll look for the 23 tooth gear. Otherwise, wait till next week and call Tom in South Bend. He must have more back at the farm.

    NEWS FLASH: There is 527689 gear on Ebay right now!
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      I really want to thank you for that NEWS Flash. Auction just closed and I should have one in the mail in around 10 days. Thanks