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'55 Champion standard Saginaw steering gear seal

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  • Steering: '55 Champion standard Saginaw steering gear seal

    I'm new to Studebakers and am having difficulty with some terminology and parts location.

    First off, when looking on line at Studebaker International catalog, in the steering section there is reference to "TL" or "TA" type box for 1951-60 cars. What's this? I called SI and asked. I was told that this is stamped on the steering gear. I asked where on the gear is this stamped and was told that he didn't know where, but on the gear. Well I'm dipped if I can find anything stamped on my steering box.

    Does anyone one have any help here? I'd love to get a proper pitman arm seal before reinstalling into the car.

    I'll probably have many more questions as I progress through getting this car up, running and reliable.

    Jerry in Denver

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    You should buy the chassis parts manual. All the Studebaker vendors have them. This manual shows all of the parts, where they go, what they connect to, what their proper names are, and their part numbers.
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      Studebaker Vendors rely on you to provide the part name and part number for all parts orders.
      The shop manual will provide detailed repair, assembly and disassembly info. With images to help.
      The Body Parts Catalog provides complete body part number listings and images.
      The Chassis Parts Catalog provides complete chassis part number and some body parts listings and images. is an excellent source of information.
      The manuals/catalogs are available through vendors or on ebay originals, reproductions or on CDs.
      You can find the information about the steering gear in the shop manual and the chassis catalog.
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        From the chassis parts manual. All the illustrations are Ross boxes except the type 'S' which is a Saginaw. The Saginaw is the only one where the fill plug is level as installed in the car.
        (Click on pic to enlarge)

        Click image for larger version

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          My chassis parts manual is on order and has been shipped. Guess I'm just figuring out that our Studebaker-specific parts people have figured out which parts fit our older cars. I've pretty much given up on our normal parts houses like Advance, Autozone, Oreilly and Pep Boys. They're unable to find much listed.

          I am an advocate of purchasing all of the books that apply to my car projects, so I'm not avoiding that purchase--already spent the Bucks, just not arrived yet.


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            Dwain G, thanks for the pic of the page from the parts manual. This verifies it's a type s. I knew about the "S" on the case but it's actually cast into the part and not stamped into it. Guess I'm pick in' nits here. 'Stamp" means someone used a metal stamp and hammer to stamp a mark. I'll try to remember that it could be cast in. The model number on my upper right side firewall also falls into the type s group.

            Thanks to all you guys. Just getting into how the Studebaker world works.

            Jerry in Denver


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              You're welcome Jerry, and we ALL welcome you to the wonderful world of Studebakers!
              A '55 Champion was my parents 5th Studebaker.
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