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  • Wheels / Tires: Hubcaps

    Anyone know what are the proper hubcaps for my 1950 Commander. I used White Wall cleaner and it took the chrome off 2 of them, down to the copper plate underneath. The one shiny one has a note on the inside that says they fit a 52 pickup!. They are plain chrome, no logo or lettering, with a small bump in the center for decoration. Studebaker Intl. has matching caps for trucks, but not knowing the history of the car it occurred to me they might all be wrong.

    James Lovelady, Cedaredge. CO.

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    Check the chassis manual. They used 3 different caps on 17a cars. One style was plain. One said commander around the outside rim and the third says Studebaker around the rim. Serial numbers play a role but all three styles will work if you do not care about originality.

    I am surprised the chrome came off as I have used cleaner on 50 commanders and did not have the problem. They also had a painted version of the plain ones that was used on pickups

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      The 800263 is listed for '47-'49 Commander and '49-'59 Trucks. That's a bit of a stretch on the "to '59," it's more like '53 or '54, but yes these will fit your '50 Commander, just not Factory Correct.

      I believe the '50 Commander was similar to the 527858 for '50 Champions, but with "Commander" lettering which is no longer Available.
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        Originally posted by jclovelady View Post
        I used White Wall cleaner and it took the chrome off 2 of them, down to the copper plate underneath.
        A cleaner like the original Westley's Blech-Wite is highly alkaline. Even the label warns against getting it on paint, chrome or aluminum.
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