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1950 Champion Brakes Locking up

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  • Brakes: 1950 Champion Brakes Locking up

    Hello, anyone out there have any ideas as to why my 1950 Champion's brakes keep locking up. Particularly, when I put the car in reverse. The brakes lock up for a while then release, if I don't apply the brakes again but as soon as I hit the brake pedal they lock up again. I've had the brake's master cylinder replaced as well as all four slave cylinders but sill the pesky lock up problem persists. Please let me know, thanks.

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    The standard answer is grease on the brake shoes, which can oxidize to make a sticky gum. If that's it, a little sandpaper may help.


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      Or adjust the rod between master cylinder and brake pedals


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        If you dont have any free travel in the brake pedal your pushrod is out of adjustment.when replacing a master cylinder i always clean and re-use the old pushrod, it was right before so should be ok now,some times the new rod is generic and not quite right for anything, my experience. Luck Doofus


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          Brake shoes on "backwards"?


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            I'd check your hoses for internal collapsing( especially the one to the rear brakes), and if everything else looks good install new return springs and readjust the shoes, something is slowing the fluid return, that's why I would suspect hose problems.


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              If your car has a "Hillholder" it may not be adjusted correctly.
              If only the rear brakes lock up , that may be the problem.
              If all 4 brake drums lock up , than you need to adjust the push rod on the master cylinder.

              Robert Kapteyn

              Read the following website for many answers.



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                similar situation with 49 Commander. Chuck Collins thought it could be self adjusters. Are return springs good?