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Oil Pressure Relief Spring

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    Originally posted by doofus View Post
    Weld a nut to this non-budging plug, wait a few minutes then it will come loose, if your weld held. Luck Doofus
    I have the same problem but there's hardly any plug above the block, last guy there really ran it in deep! I wonder if driving a piece of hex stock and brazing it in will work? Twisted off both of the water drain plugs on the side of the block as well. Those two I may leave as is.


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      There is a Shop in the L.A. basin I think it was Gardena, called Tap-X they have a Mobile and a Shop Laser that can burn a Bolt or Plug out without touching the Block or Head.
      They do amazing work, I had them save a Stude. V8 Cylinder Head for me by burning out a Water Manifold Screw.
      Second Generation Stude Driver,
      Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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        I take mine out with a drill bit (by hand). I think it's a 1/4'' bit that fits nice and snug into that plunger and pulls it out every time.