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  • Wheels / Tires: 1950 Land Cruiser wheel

    Anyone know where I can get a wheel for a Land cruiser, I think it is the same for the Commander? I have installed the front and rear axles from the Land Cruiser in my 50 Champion for the larger Brakes. Everything works ok but I only have 3 wheels, junk man carried one off when I was not looking. I have 2 sets from a chevy van with the 5x5 pattern but the studebaker hub has about a 1/16 raised center that stops anything but a Studebaker wheel from mounting without wobbling. Only other option I can think of is a 1/16 thick spacer with a 4 in center hole, Can't find that either.
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    French Lake auto dismantlers in Annandale Minnesota has them. I just bought a set last summer.
    47-50 Commander and Land Cruiser are the same wheel.
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      I bought a set from Barry Hackney a couple years ago he may have more. He is on here but may be in route to South Bend

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        You should note that the '50 Commander wheels are the same as the 1/2 Ton Truck Wheels '49 to '64.
        That gives you a whole lot more candidates.
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          Try Tom Karkiewicz (from Mulberry Rd. in South Bend).
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