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  • wheels

    I bought some new tires for my '63 wagonaire, and would like to put on new stock-type wheels which will still allow me to use my full wheel covers. Can anybody tell me what will fit?

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    there are a lot out there, ford use the 5 on 4 1/2 like studebaker the last one i needed i found in a junk yard for 15 bucks. chchrysler also used the 5 on 4 1/2 you might take a cap with you to be sure they fit. or if you want new ones. i think you can get them here about 10 bucks a pop.

    Erin Hays
    "From Stuck and Rusty to Slick steel and sex appeal"
    1961 Hawk
    1962 Lark
    1963 Wagonaire


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      Do you want brand new wheels? Are you asking what will fit the car or what will fit the wheelcovers?

      Dick Steinkamp
      Bellingham, WA


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        Yes. To all three questions.
        I want new. I want them to fit the car. and I want to be able to use my full size original wheel covers. I have been told on numerous occasions that the studebaker wheels are a bit skinny for radial tires. I will not run bi-plies. I have also been told that the original Studebaker wheels were a bit weak.
        I was also told by someone in my chapter that since he replaced his wheels his hubcaps don't work their way around and bend over his valve stems anymore. I've had that problem with every Stude I've ever had with radial tires. I have actually gone out in the morning to find one of my tires flat, due to one of the valve stems bent over so far that it broke where it went through the wheel. I get my head and my time full of other things, and don't notice...
        Anyway, thanks for the advice, guys. I'll check the tire stores tomorrow


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          I have Dodge van wheels ,6 1/2X 15 on my 62 Hawk with 215-75-15 Broadway Classics on them. No clearence issues, a little tight to remove on the rear. Rearend must be at full droop. They fill wheel wells nice, no tierod issues.These were off a mid 80's van model prior to going to larger bolt pattern by Chrysler. Lou Cote


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            A very common swap is a Ford Ranger 6" steel rim. This is what I am using on my '64 Daytona. This rim works well with radials, the wheel covers fit, it will clear a disc brake conversion, and the stock Studebaker lug nuts work. Check with your tire shop for a Hayes# 82552 or NWRA# 40273.

            EDIT: I see in a different post that this rim may be NLA, with a possible substitute of NWRA# 40709. You may want to check that out.

            Jim Bradley
            '64 Daytona HT "Rerun"
            Jim Bradley
            Lake Monticello, VA
            '78 Avanti II