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Turn signal won't cancel

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  • Steering: Turn signal won't cancel

    I looked and couldn't find an answer.

    After finally finishing the suspension and steering on my 61 Hawk. Replacing everything, and I mean EVERYTHING under the car. Since the Hawk was performing and driving like a new car. I decided to work on some of the "minor" issues. Such as the shift lever rattling slightly and the annoying but not critical issue of the turn signals not automatically canceling.

    I got a new rubber bushing for the shift lever and drove the pin out of the shift lever, rubber hard as a rock, so no problem with that. Next I took off the steering wheel, I should note that there is a Grant wheel on the Hawk, as this may be critical to my question. Yes there is a question in here somewhere. As I suspected, the canceler was broken. I replaced the canceler and put it all back together. To my consternation the turn signals worked as before but still did not cancel.

    Now to my question, when the Grant wheel was installed was there something removed from below the adapter that trips the canceler to actually cancel the turn signal?
    Don Watson
    61 Hawk

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    Usually the after-market steering wheels have an adapter that must be installed to make the canceler work. The installation kits are make and model specific.
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      According to Grant your installation kit number is :Part #4291 Standard Installation Kit Now where you can get one I'll leave to you. I think they sell for less than $50.00 here's a link
      It should have a new "canceller" in the kit


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        If memory serves on the wifes '57 Silver Hawk with grant wheel a lark cancellation "finger" was pirated and added to the adapter. Luck Doofus


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          Thanks everybody, I think for now I will just go with the "hand" cancel. I will look into the "finger" cancel.
          Don Watson
          61 Hawk