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  • Cool/Heat: Water Pump

    Hi guys! I'm new to Studebakers, and I wanted to check with you to see if there was anything I should keep in mind when changing my water pump. My car is a 64 Lark Cruiser with the v8.

    Is it a pretty straightforward rip and replace?

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    Just about the easiest water pump ever made to replace. 4 bolts & remove the fan assembly. 4 bolts & the water pump is removed from the water manifold. Clean the 4 gasket surfaces & install the new pump with the supplied copper washers (providing you got your new pump from one of our vendors), reinstall the fan assembly, add coolant & your done! Welcome to the forum!!!!!
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      I do not think there could possibly be an easier car to replace a Water Pump on.

      There are no Radiator Hoses, Fan Shrouds, Water Manifolds, nothing to remove except the small Pump itself and the Fan, Spacer and Pulley.

      The 4 Bolts do require Copper Sealing Washers always supplied with Quality New Pumps from Studebaker Vendors. The Gasket should be as thin as possible to allow minimum clearance at the back of the Water Manifold.
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        And while doing this carefully inspect the fan blade for stress cracks. Luck Doofus


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          Thanks guys.

          Stress cracks in a metal fan?


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            Years ago there was a run of pumps that were assemble with the impeller installed incorrectly.
            Shows the service letter with the correct dimension.
            Always a good thing to check and move the impeller if needed.
            If the impeller needs to be repositioned, use a gear puller to move it away from the housing.
            Never move the shaft from the bearing.
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              ...and also be sure that the weep hole is oriented down at 6 o'clock.
              The 4 bolts are evenly spaced so that you can get this wrong!


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                Do I need to torque the bolts down?


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                  Some of the fans can develop cracks around the bolt holes. If/when they get bad enungh, the fan blades can fly off at speed and hit the hood, radiator, or your head if you have the hood open.
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                    Yes. I neighbor has a 1970 Dodge truck with an interesting dent and cut on the hood from a fan that let go. I'm replacing a fan on a 1970 Volvo that has a cracked blade. I found out by it's buzzing. Maybe only 1970 cars of any make have this problem. ;-)

                    Originally posted by adamevans View Post
                    Thanks guys.

                    Stress cracks in a metal fan?
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                      Many years ago John Poulos had a ~41 Cadillac 60 Special that threw a fan blade. Sliced right through the hood and landed in the street.
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                        Back in the '60's at the Indy drags one Sunday a fellow working on his race car was revving the engine a fan blade came off hit him in the chest and killed him.