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  • Electrical: Prestolite 4108

    Hi all,
    have the Mallory electronic unit that is currently out of action, and need to re-install my old prestolite 4108 distributor back into the 63 hawk 289 for the short term, until I save my pennies.
    The lower shaft is a bit wobbly, with quite a bit of play. Does it matter, and how is it fixed? Cheers, Quentin

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    The shaft is always wobble by design.
    These units are rebuildable.
    Tell us more about what went wrong with the Mallory.
    Is it and older unit or one of the "T" bolts?
    Does anyone else have problems with these?

    Robert Kapteyn


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      The IBP4108 distributor can be easily reconditioned with new bushings, up graded advance weights and new shims to adjust the shaft end play. I know that S. I. has the rebuild parts and I'm sure other Studebaker parts vendors can also supply the needed parts to recondition your distributor. I use Prestolite distributors in both my 62 Hawk and my 63 Avanti with no problems in many years. Pertronix now makes kits to convert to electronic ignition for both the Prestolite IBP 4108 and the dual point IBP 4012 distributors. Bud