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  • Interior: bucket seats

    anyone know if Studebaker offered bucket seats and console for 64 cruisers? and if they did would be able to exchange my reclainer seats for bucket seats with out having to drill holes in the floor,i guess what I'm asking is would that be a in and out procedure,i really do not want to drill in the floor. thanks in advance P.S.i f I asking 2 many questions tell me.

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    Do you have a bench now?



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      no I do not they are split re clainer seats. leonard


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        As i recall when i asked the same question, answer was yes, console and buckets will bolt in as they use the same center bracket as the split front bench. More knowledgeable people should add their two cents.


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          Yes the Bucket Seats were an option on all South Bend built '64 Lark Types, and the Center Tunnel Mounting Plate you have should work.
          You will notice if it has the slotted holes in the center for the Console.
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            I posted this some time back.. If you are searching for the bucket seats for the Lark, it may help..



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              SSCOPELLI, thank you for your in put. I think I will leave well enough alone. LEONARD


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                Leaving well enough alone is a rarity on this forum.

                Generally, when someone gets a burr in their saddle... I mean... an idea in their head, nothing can dissuade them regardless of all the common sense suggestions everyone makes.

                I salute you, Leonard.
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                  back at you RADIO ROY. leonard


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                    Originally posted by leonard View Post
                    SSCOPELLI, thank you for your in put. I think I will leave well enough alone. LEONARD
                    I hope I did not discourage you.. My post was just showing the difference between Lark bucket seats (Like you need) and the Hawk bucket seats..

                    I did not have the Lark bucket seats at first, I only the Hawks, so I had to modify the Hawks to fit.
                    By the Time I found Lark ones, I already had the modified Hawk ones upholstered.

                    The best way to tell is the spacer on the outboard side of the seat. The Larks have a bigger spacer.


                    Also the Console is different between Larks and Hawks..
                    The Larks has a square notch on the bottom back. The Hawks Console has an angle on the back part.
                    The transmission hump mount (Black metal under the console), which is the same as the 60-61 split bench seat, and 62-64 bucket seats.
                    I actually used the same transmission hump mount from the 61 Split Bench seats..

                    The Interior went from this..

                    To this...


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                      Someone told me once that 1963 and earlier buckets in the Hawk and Larks were different and for 1964 Studebaker redesigned the rails and made the buckets the same for Larks and Hawks.
                      The rails look completely different in 1964-1966 bucket seats than 1963 and earlier. I wanted to search the archives for this because in my 48 years as a SDC member I can remember a lot of discussion on this. Some of the old-timers ,please chime in!

                      Robert Kapteyn
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