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  • Electrical: S.I goes the extra mile

    Seems like a long time I've waited for the centrifugal weights and springs for my Delco-Remy window type distributor for my 60' Lark 259 V8. In fact it's been over two weeks. The folks at S. I. had to do quite a bit of searching but did finally come up with the parts! They came in original OEM printed packs. The new springs did seem to have more tension than the old ones as they had more resistance when installed on their retaining posts. I'm thinking the old springs were not allowing the weights to return completely to their resting position or to advance as they should maybe resulting in retarded timing after some 60 mph runs. I installed the distributor back into the block after pulling the valve cover and bringing number one cylinder to top dead center and both valves closed. As was suggested by members in past post responses I purchased a 14" standard screw driver and rotated the oil pump to the approximate position then following the manual I installed the distributor, rotated the rotor 30 degrees clockwise and low and behold the distributor dropped right in and the rotor was pointing at the no. 1 cylinder! The Studebaker Gods were guiding me. I secured the distributor with the hold down clamp. I primed the carb and had my wife turn the motor over while I fiddled with the distributor location and the motor fired up. "She's alive" my wife exclaimed. I used my timing light and dialed it in. I took it for a short drive and it ran great but had other commitments for the day. Have to wait 'till next week-end for an extended run and timing recheck. Hopefully she'll stay timed this time. Thanks to everyone for their insights and suggestions.

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    I hope that fixes your very vexing problem.
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      Check the dwell and if its about 30 degrees, you should be good to go. If not set the dwell then recheck you timing. Correct dwell gives you the best performance and fuel economy.
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