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need a temp sending unit for 283 v8?

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  • Cool/Heat: need a temp sending unit for 283 v8?

    where can i get a 3/4 size for 66 studie with the chevy style engine ? SI ,IS TO HIGH, checked my local orielly& auto zone , thay show 1/8'' 3/8'' on computor you would have to screw in adapter for 1/8'' , where can i get a stock one for that engine ? any idea s.?

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    Muck around in here and see if you can find one to your liking.

    Rock auto will also have them

    Not sure what SI charges but it's still good to support our venders.

    As far as adapting a smaller unit, to me, as long as the sensor is inside the block/manifold/head and has the proper resistance, why not. I do that on most aftermarket manifolds as they come with larger NPT opening than most senders.



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      Are you sure it's not 1/2 NPT? Which connector style? Screw on with nut, single blade, double blade, slide on T. Most likely a Stewart Warner item, probably available from Summit and others as a replacement. Dual post ones go for about $25.00 single $15.00 for a Chevy impala 283.


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        Frederik, thanks for the reply, erading for it dont have it here at home , but the friend i am getting it from , masured it with his callipers came up to be about 3/4, i donr do chevys , but i rember that thay were big , i think now thay want you to use a unervical set up with a adapter , witch will bring it to far out of the block, dont think it will reed wright? it has a nut on the end, could be stock from factory, i will check Summit, rock auto & chevy guys here in the chevy club , hope i can find the right one thanks dan.


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          These are what I use. Just find the one that fits your application and motor on.

          I agree with Fred, most likely a 1/2" NPT but stranger things have happened. National Pipe Thread would be about the 3/4" measurement as It uses pipe ID? dimensions not the threaded dimension. Welcome to the wonderful world of plumbing codes.
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            thanks guys ,going to oriellys tomorrow, found out that pipe size is very different than i am use to, also found out that the v8 289 or 259v8 in the back head ,are the same size as what i need for the chevy from 1 of my buddys in are club here , he give me th piece off of the back of a old head to take it ,miked out the same so if it screws in i am in , sence the car is in a not here in town, 30 miles away right now dannyo.


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              $36 from SI and Chuck Collins.