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54 c body vent window removal

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  • Body / Glass: 54 c body vent window removal

    I'm trying to remove the vent window assembly from the door on my 54 champion c-body but something is still holding it.I removed the 3 upper screws holding the frame to the door but I can't find any lower screws that seem to be holding it.Is it located by the door glass channel or are there screws?There are 2 round holes in the rubber by the wing window latch.Are there screws or fasteners there for holding the vent assembly frame on the bottom?If there are I can't seem to find them.The rubber is still usable and I hate to cut it apart to see what's holding things.Thanks

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    Yes, there indeed is a lower screw. It may be easier to roll the vent window rubber out of the steel frame on one side to see the screw. Easy enough to remove when you know where it is.


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      Thanks for the info.


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        I don't know if this applies to your project, but I removed a vent window from a lark and could not get it free with all the screws removed because it was welded (braised) to the door assembly. A little grind with a Dremel and it was free.