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  • Transmission / Overdrive: spring clips?

    I'm wanting to tighten up the throttle pressure linkage on a friends Avanti,I would like to use a spring clip like on a Hurst shifter but in a smaller size. Last night I tried to use a search of Mc master/Carr web site but couldn't find anything. The linkage is kind of loose and it makes for inconsistent shifts in a powershift. Are Studebaker part # 0312 -46, 0312 -47 and 0312 -48 still available? Or if someone has a good used assembly for sale? This is called a trans rod adjuster in the Avanti parts catalog. Thank you for your help Lou Cote

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    I had the same "sorta" problem but with the pedal rod "swivel 0312-4 . I "hogged' out the hole in the bell crank and found some 3/16" ID nylon bushings at the hardware store, that and a spring washer tightened it up. The adjustable clevis has I ,think, a 3/16" pin, so that may work there too. Not sure on the trans arm end though but maybe something similar there. On mine the holes were worn out of round and the pins going through them, but the nylon was wide and deep enough to get onto the unworn part of the pins and snugged it up. Something like these.
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      0312 -46, 0312 -47 and 0312 -48 are not part numbers.
      These are plate numbers and need to be converted to part numbers further in the
      parts book. Most of these parts are in stock here.
      I do not have the Avanti book here at the house.
      Robert Kapteyn


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        I think he's trying to get the "wearables" G121547, 1557697, 1557345 and 1557451, but they won't help if the holes in the bell crank and trans lever are worn. I'll let him chime in if he's looking for something else such as a new bell crank which I'm sure is worn and loose also.


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          Yes i am looking for 1557451 and the 1557345 I was in a hurry to post . Thank s again Lou Cote