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  • Exhaust: Exhaust Manifold Gasket

    On page 53 of the 1951 Shop Manual it states that the intake manifold gaskets be placed so that the raised part of the ring is facing towards the manifold. However on page 55 it states that the seam of the gasket is to face towards the exhaust manifold.

    Am I to interpret "seam" as "raised part"? How does one install the exhaust manifold gaskets? Which side the the raised part of the gasket face?
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    It doesn't matter which direction the raised embossed feature faces. After all, one of the end prices have to be flipped over to have it fit correctly. This style of exhaust manifold gasket works very well and never creates problems.


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      Aren't the exhaust ports square and won't they block the corner part of the exhaust passage if installed backwards?

      Are we talking EXHAUST gaskets or INTAKE gaskets? The OP mentioned both.
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        Whenever possible I always install all the beaded Steel Type Gaskets as the Factory did, bead UP.

        However as said, it really won't make a difference in sealing at all.

        It should be known though as mentioned in Post #3, if you get lazy and use the handy little "hanger hooks" over the Bolt holes of the Exhaust Manifold Gaskets installing them all with the same side up on ALL of them, there WILL be a problem as one End Gasket has to be flipped or it will block the Port and sit diagonal on the square Port.

        However this should only happen on the '55-'64 V8's, as the 232 Exhaust Manifold End Gaskets are not square for the tiny rectangular Ports.
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