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    Why am I asking? Because. The engine was used in the Landcruiser, fwiw, but anyway:

    Has anyone put a 245 Six in a Lark?

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    I guess the question that should be asked is why?

    Bob Miles
    Tucson AZ
    Home of Lazarus and Meshach


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      The answer is...sort of. A 1960 Champ pickup was indeed available with the a Commander Six cylinder engine. This engine compartment length would be the same as a '59 - '60 Lark. Due to the length of the Commander Six engine, a slightly different water pump and fan blade assembly was required. But it did fit! Once in a while you run across a '60 Champ with a Commander Six and the engine looks big in there.


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        Thank you. I was curious if there were height/oil pan clearance issues. No plans, just wondering. Looking at one in a large truck, the perspective is off when trying to visualize that mass inside a Lark/Champ engine compartment.


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          Just a side note somewhat related, I installed a 259 out of a lark in to a 54 Champion sedan, there was no modifications to the exhaust, steering or fenders. I had to use the fan blade off the 6 to clear the shroud. The front motor mounts were identical, however I decided to move the engine back one inch therefore I had to fabricate different mounts. They bolted in to the same frame holes but I lengthened the top plate and drilled the new holes. The rear mounts sat directly on the batwing, I had to drill two holes to fit. It looks factory. It appears Studebaker made the frames and firewall the same on a number of models. In reviewing the open frames on the 63 Lark and the 54 Champion sedan were for the most part identical.