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lark wagon taillights

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  • lark wagon taillights

    new to this forum ,just logged in ,went quick and perfect.
    bought a 59 lark wagon on ebay this afternoon ,but found out that the car has no taillights so i need a set.
    Are they the same as the rest of the Larks or did i created a real problem .
    I had the plan to do an engine swap ,which engine is common to build in the car? (was thinking on a ford 5.0 ho mustang 1992).
    Are there discbrake sets for the lark or should i try to find something that can be fitted.?
    thanks in advance

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    Wagon tail lights are the same as all other Larks for '59 and like Mike says, they are available from a number of Studebaker Vendors. List here...

    The Ford 5 liter has been done, but it has a front oil pan sump that gets in the way of the steering linkage and has to be modified. Also, it is longer than a small block Chevy and creates some unique fit problems. The small block Chevy is the most common swap. Still not easy...lots of engineering and fabrication required. The Stude V8 is a pretty good motor.

    Disc brakes here...

    ...although again like Mike says, the stock V8 drum brakes are very good.

    Dick Steinkamp
    Bellingham, WA


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      Mike sort of alluded to this, but I'll say it plain for you: The 6 cylinder Studes (cars) had physically smaller brakes than V8 cars. The V8 brakes off '54 and later Studes are about as good as it gets for drum brakes! Finned drums help a bit with cooling and consequent resistance to fading, but the advantage is only slight over the smooth drums.[^]

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