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Help to Decode VIN

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    Can anyone help decode a VIN for me? I bought a Hawk with no papers. The seller told me it was a 1956 Golden Hawk. The car is apart and looking through the parts, the only badging is "Silver Hawk". It is a hard top and made in Canada. I would appreciate any assistance figuring it out. The VIN is 8965378.


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    1956 Golden Hawk serial numbers begin with 60 or 68. The serial you show is for a 1958 B model (Commander or Silver Hawk) made in Canada.
    Is there a body tag on the firewall?


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      Welcome to the SDC Forum!
      To expand on what Dwain posted -
      This 1958 Silver Hawk 259 was the 278th 1958 Commander series (all body styles) car assembled in Hamilton (Canada).
      If it is truly a hardtop 1958 Silver Hawk, it is very rare as only 56 were built. There were 4852 1958 Silver Hawk 259 coupes built.
      Gary L.
      Wappinger, NY

      SDC member since 1968
      Studebaker enthusiast much longer


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        Hi Dwain. Thanks for your reply. I couldn't find a body tag on the firewall.


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          Hi Gary, Thank you for your reply. I appreciate the info. It is definitely a hardtop.