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  • Electrical: bulbs that can be seen

    So we all remember when there wasn't much traffic on the roads, and we remember the 50 mph speed limits, and we remember when there were no cell phones. Taillights were small in those days, not too very bright, and there were no third taillights. I'm paranoid about getting hit in the rear end and would like to have some really bright tail/brake lights in my '55 Coupe. Have any of you tried the LED's for a 6-volt system??? Are you happy with them? Who did you buy them from? My '57 Chevy had the same small taillight problem but they are 12-volt and people make LED replacements for the original bulbs. They are very bright and just what the doctor ordered~!

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    They also make 6V LED bayonet lamps for cars but I don't know if you can get the dual filament (brake/taillight) style. I had some that I used on my '32 Studebaker. I know lots of folks have had good results just by making a better reflective surface inside the taillight housing using silver paint or metal from the inside of an empty soda can. It wouldn't be very difficult to make your own dual filament 6V LEDs using an old bayonet socket, some LEDs and some creative soldering......


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      Many of the housings have room for a second socket. It requires some modification, but nothing shows.
      I am overall happy with the 12 volt tail/stop lights on my 52, but I also plan to add a light in the rear window as soon as I can design something that won't look like it was tacked on. I want to give the inattentive drivers an extra heads up when I stop or turn.
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        I found some 6 volt bulbs that burn 2-3 times brighter than old bulbs at Vintage Ford in Rancho Cordova CA. Those bulbs plus good grounds at each light made a big improvement. Painting inside the light housing white can help also.


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          Originally posted by 55coupe View Post
          Painting inside the light housing white can help also.
          I would say, along with clean grounds, painting the housing interior white will make a miraculous difference.
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            I put a white plastic lining inside my '55 and that improved the light output considerably.