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My TT diff sounds English - It is whining.....

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  • Rear Axle: My TT diff sounds English - It is whining.....

    Hi guys,
    I have a TT diff in a 63 Lark Wagonaire and it give a little constant whining noise from the centre.

    Where do these diffs mainly whine from if a bearing is on it's way out and can I fix it myself easy enough if it is the pinion bearing in the nose of the diff?

    Greg Diffen

    Editor Studebaker Owners Club UK magazine

    Australian Stude guy living in Warwick, United Kingdom

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    Hi Greg, long time no see! If the diff whines while pulling, a constant singing, it's usually the pinion bearings getting worn. you will need a bearing splitter and press to remove the bearings.don't disturb the shims, there are 2 sets. Check the pinion's face where the big bearing sat and the bearing face, the shims like to stick to the machined surface and are sometimes overlooked,don't ask. If a splitter is not handy,break roller and cage off then grind most of the way through the cone, then crack it with a big punch.Wear heavy gloves and a face shield when cracking the cone as there is likely to be shrapnel! Good Luck Doofus