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    Originally posted by rkapteyn View Post
    Today I dragged 4 boxes of belts out of the warehouse, approx 100.
    There were 6 original belts with Studebaker sleeves.
    These are more original belts in the pile without sleeves
    I do not have the 185745 Jerry asked about.
    It will be awhile before I have these inventoried.
    I have to rely on friends to help me inventory these.
    I had a stroke last year and can not do much by myself.
    Bought the parts inventories of 29 former Studebaker dealers as a retirement project.
    My son owned a 38.000 sq/ft warehouse where we keep all this stuff.
    Me being a hoarder , I will be busy sorting this for a long time yet.
    I will have to live 40 more years till 120 to finish this.
    In the last 6 month I bought more stuff from a garage that specialized in Studebakers in Maywood Illinois.
    Every dealer stocked fan belts and I just have to get it inventoried.
    Robert Kapteyn
    I inventoried some of the original belts with Studebaker sleeves.
    187844 3A-12A , J5 , K5 , L5
    196911 G-5G and very early M5 trucks
    518461 (2) Early 6 cylinder and later M5 trucks
    638111 matched set for 37-40 series 15 trucks
    663295 M16 trucks

    Robert Kapteyn


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      Still wondering about this. When did Studebaker OEM belts change from non-cogged to cogged? I have a 64 R2 Hawk. The two NOS supercharger belts I have (not dual like an Avanti) are cogged so they where out there. Also there is a claimed NOS Avanti alternator belt on EBay that is cogged.

      I had the original PS belt from the car, but I can't find it.

      Matthew Wendt


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        I wanted to resolve this. I was at SB a few weeks ago and found many examples of cogged Studebaker OEM marked belts. Here is a factory blue print that shows them at least as early as August 8th 1958. Whoever deducted for this at AACA on a 1961 car was incorrect. A cogged belt on both sides is worng, but I don't think that was what was meant.

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        Matthew Wendt