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50 champion .modified suspension

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  • Mike Van Veghten
    daddy -

    That modification is not "specifically" for changing caster or camber "adjustment". At least not the "static" caster or camber.
    Though on the other hand it is for the dynamic side of things. What that does is to lower the upper control arm mounting point so that as the chassis rolls going into-thru a turn, instead of the outside wheel/tire rolling under (lots-a positive camber) like the stock suspension promotes, with this change in the control arm mounting point allows the outside tire to hold some negative camber (for much better traction), if figured/designed correctly.

    This is for someone that "drives" his/her Stude.

    As far as what you are looking for, not much you can do about it, even with the above noted "fix", you'll still have limited caster/camber adjustment. Though some additional of each can be designed into the upper control arm change.

    Another possible idea...make up your own control arm pins (upper and lower). Have more eccentric ground into a new pin, that will give a little more camber...but because of the design of the outer part of the control arms and spindles, you aren't going to get any more caster.
    Though...with some more modifications, you "could" gain there too. But unless you really push your car in the corners, it will be a LOT of work for no gain for easy driving.

    All things are possible with some new designing, actual suspension knowledge, a cut-off wheel, and welding skills.


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  • doofus
    Try to find an old front end shop that will check your front end .you must have something worn or "Tweaked-Sagged" to have this problem. maybe a big truck shop. i have heard of shops chaining frames and using jacks to correct warped frames. Luck Doofus

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  • 50 champion .modified suspension

    Some time back I read an article bout using a piece of angle to modify the inner mount of the upper control arm so the caster and camber could be adjusted with shims but now I can't find the article. Has anyone seen this or know where I could find it? My Champion will not adjust to anything less then 1 degree negative caster or positive camber. I would like to see If setting at positive 1/2 or 1 degree caster and/or negative camber would improve highway driving, this is closer to the book specs. I believe a little positive caster would help in straight line driving. The above mod was just a bolt on piece of angle and requires no modification of the arm or frame.