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DOOR PANEL and DOOR POST PANEL TRIM for 1961 Lark Regal 4-Door Station Wagon

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  • Interior: DOOR PANEL and DOOR POST PANEL TRIM for 1961 Lark Regal 4-Door Station Wagon

    I'm looking for some odd parts again - It seems that at some point in my car's life, the three stainless steel strips that adorned one of the two interior door post panels went missing (from the driver's side to be exact). Does anybody have these parts or know of a 1961 regal 4 door wagon or 4 door sedan in a junk yard that has its original interior and might be able to donate these small details? I'm also looking the mouldings for the rear door of my wagon as well! I'm posting photos of the panel with trim that I still have (its the thin one on top of the cardboard panels) as well as a factory photo showing that same panel in its original configuration (it's on the right hand side), and image of the door panel as well.
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    Is anybody out there looking at this post, or is the server down?


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      You have 3 choices beyond here and and the Studebaker Parts Page: 1) NOS from SI, 2)NOS from Will Sanders 3) Good used from a parts car. The strip will require some care in detaching from the panel if not your color. GL


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        Try Grandpas Junkyard, they are wagon fans also. Luck Doofus


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          Thanks Jack. For some reason I thought SI didn't hold onto interior fittings after the move from the former SASCO warehouse. I'll call them up, because I don't think those parts are in the big catalogue. I sent Will an email a couple of days ago and am still awaiting a reply. Hopefully he has trim separate from the collection of panels that he has.

          The wagon is coming along quite well, by the way. A couple of setbacks with one body shop delayed the restoration and cost me a good chunk of change, but in the end it's all worked out for the better.


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            I don't know what your complete plans are for the red interior......If Will doesn't have it, aftermarket, fresh vinyl would be the way to go. If you find the panel trim pieces, in another color, maybe dye or carefully take off the NOS shiny...


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              Hi Jack. Will never got back to me when I sent in an order form over a year ago. I found an upholster who offered to do it, but the job fell through. I've since found another upholster who is pretty capable, and I've matched all of the fabrics either from vendors in Los Angeles or up at SMS in Oregon. Unfortunately some interior parts are missing - I sent Will another email a week ago and am still awaiting a response. If that doesn't work, I'll call up the people that I know who have Lark graveyards - I've met a few in Arizona, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and Indiana, and will hopefully find something there. I'd hate to destroy nice NOS panels if Will was the only one who had them, but they were a different color or something - we'll see what happens here. I'm also looking for an arm rest for my car - one seems to have disappeared.